One of the things people dread about the holidays is the post-Christmas clean-up. The process which gave Boxing Day its name where, the day after the big celebration, you had to box everything away. For some, it can be a headache to clean up and hoover at the best of times, but particularly troublesome at the festive season.

Robot Vacuum

This is the time to bring in a skilled cleaner to help you. But amazing as it may seem, a technology firm from Japan is looking to convince companies to stop using human cleaners and choose an automated service instead. It may sound like the plot of a sci-fi story or Spielberg movie, but they would like businesses to take a futuristic approach to cleaning their premises, by replacing their janitorial staff with a robot.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new in having automation taking people’s jobs. After all, there was a time when cars on assembly lines were spray-painted by human beings rather than machines.

This new venture is the brainchild of Softbank, the Japanese conglomerate with its headquarters in Tokyo. It has holdings in various companies, from the commercial estate agent WeWork, offering shared workspaces for technology start-ups, and Uber, amongst many others.

The multinational has now launched a machine called The Whiz, which operates under its own power and you can rent for £381 per month. The automated cleaner has been designed by the conglomerate’s American robotics division. It was made in conjunction with the Intelligent Cleaning Equipment company, based in Hong Kong, where, as well as Japan, the vacuum was originally available.

The Whiz is three feet high and can reportedly clean up to 5,000 square feet an hour. Should any problem or obstruction bar its path, be it going up against a wall, the vacuum will sound an alert. Although you will have to change the battery every three hours. The vacuum also compiles information, offering an analysis of how much dust is in your office, so you know how dirty it may be, and how much cleaning is required.

Despite using a robot to clean your offices, taking the place of the janitorial staff, you still need a human being to show it around. Familiarising it with the premises, and the rooms it must clean. The Whizz may be an incredible technological achievement, but, for some, there is nothing like the personal touch.

A robot hoover may offer a glimpse into the future, but many still prefer a human cleaner. If you are searching for a dedicated professional to clear your workspace, Ultra Sparkle can help you fill that vacuum. We are passionate about providing expert cleaning services with a human face. So, why not give us a call?