Top 10 things Cleaners Should Clean

Truly fantastic cleaners should all know the best places to clean in a home or in a workplace; however there are also some things that some less experienced cleaners may accidentally miss out.

Below we’ll note down the top ten things cleaners should clean.

  1. Floors

The floor is often what guests will notice first, it has to be both clean and clear to avoid making a less than ideal first impression.

  1. Walls

Similarly to the floor, something out of place on the wall will be noticed pretty quickly and requires special cleaning attention.

  1. Doors

Both the surface of the door and the doorknobs/handles should be spotless, especially as people will be interacting with them.

  1. Surfaces

All surfaces should look great and function great, both of these things can be hampered by dirt and dust.

  1. Seating

No one wants to sit on a dusty chair or couch; a good cleaner will make sure this isn’t even an option.

  1. Screens

Cleaning TV and monitor screens is a must as these objects will receive a lot of focused attention.

  1. Beds

If you’re a domestic cleaner, you should definitely keep bedding clean as beds can get grubby with daily use.

  1. Under Furniture

A place where less dedicated cleaners may not venture. Plenty of dust and more can lie under furniture for long periods of time.

  1. Light Shades

Be it a table lamp or a ceiling light, the shades that accompany them can get very dusty, very quickly.

  1. Stacks of Books, CD’s, or Cases

Often going unnoticed, stacks of items can collect dust very quickly and need regular thorough cleaning.

Professional Cleaners Who Have an Eye for Detail

With a professional and experienced cleaning specialist, you should never need to worry about places going untouched; we know that every corner of a house or workplace needs to be spotless.

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