There are certain jobs which must be done to keep your home clean and orderly, although it can sometimes feel like a pain. Although it must be done. They don’t call it a chore for nothing. But, according to a recent survey, it appears some tasks get on your goat more than others, topping the list of the most hated household chores in the country.

These Are The Most Hated Chores In The UK-But We Can Help You Through Them

It may come as no surprise number one with a bullet is cleaning the oven, where around 33% calling it the task they liked doing the most.  It’s easy to see why some people may not like it. It can be hard work scrubbing those stubborn stains in hard to reach places. However, it is an essential job when it comes to preventing accidents. It is said 20% of fires in the home are caused by ovens or cooking appliances not being cleaned properly.

The second most hated household chore in the UK is said to be ironing. Just like cleaning an oven, it can be a gruelling, exhausting job, especially if the washing is piling up. You may feel as if you will never get it all done, which is why some people cannot stand it. But, on the other hand, some people enjoy doing the ironing, seeing it as almost a creative challenge, where they can be proud of themselves for getting it all done and why shouldn’t they?

If you are listing chores which are universally despised across the United Kingdom, you must include washing the dishes. It is not uncommon for people to leave the dishes in the sink with every intention of cleaning them, without getting around to it.  But the dirty dishes can’t linger there forever, so you must get it over with, whether you are in the mood or not.

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