Over Two Hundred Hours Cleaning

A new study shows that Americans spend over two hundred hours cleaning their homes and some would give anything not to.

Does it sometimes feel like you are forever cleaning up and yet the housework is never done? Well, you are not alone. Spare a thought for the poor mums and dads in the United States, who dedicate days of their lives every year to tidying their houses.

If you require further proof, the findings of a new study say the average American parent spends over 200 hours, amounting to nine full days annually, doing the housework.

US Parents 9 days Cleaning

Researchers, examining cleaning behaviour in the US, consulted around two thousand subjects and asked them about their house cleaning habits. They concluded that more than half consider tidying up stressful, while over three-fifths of American parents say it feels like they are constantly doing housework.

Giving up luxuries and essentials

Sometimes, if the mess builds up, it may seem insurmountable, as if you will never get it done. Well, according to research, many Americans are willing to make major changes in their lives, as well as give up some home comforts, if it meant not having to tidy up.

Incredible as it may seem, especially today, 20% of Americans asked said they would give up their smartphone and never use it again, if they didn’t have to do the cleaning. If that wasn’t enough, two out of five said they would gladly stop watching Netflix for a year.

One in four said they would pack everything up and live in the woods for six months, while more than 10% said they would spend a month in jail if they could forego cleaning their house or apartment.

Better safe (and clean) than sorry.

Yes, doing the housework can feel like a chore sometimes, and you often may not be in the mood, particularly if it’s piling up, but it is amazing what some people will do to avoid it. Would you give up home comforts to avoid picking up a cloth, vacuum or mop and bucket or wiping the home with cleaning products?

If you are a parent, it can feel as if cleaning takes up a big part of your life. But isn’t it worth it to keep your living space tidy, safe and pleasant? Some may not enjoy doing the housework, but surely it’s better than living in the mess or making your family more susceptible to accidents or disease?

Source: Thesun.co.uk