Bridge of Weir is a beautiful hamlet in the historic county of Renfrewshire. A tranquil, picturesque village, popular with walkers, ramblers and tourists, looking to take in the scenery and possibly grab a bite to eat.

Unfortunately, many residents feel, the villages’ attractive visage has been sullied somewhat, by an ongoing flooding problem, which a local businessman says has been an issue for a decade.

Bridge Of Weir Restaurant

But now a regional counsellor, representing Bridge of Weir, Bishopton and Langbank, is demanding answers. Especially after sanitary towels and excrement have been found near a popular Italian restaurant in the village, leading many to say enough is enough and something must be done.

The people of Bridge of Weir have been complaining about overflowing manholes covers on Main Street. But there is one specific manhole, close to Amaretto, the restaurant in question, which has become something of a sore spot. The very issue Tory councillor James MacLaren has brought up with The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Scottish Water.

It is a concern echoed by Mr Carlo Di Ciacca, the owner of Amaretto, who has stated flooding has been a problem in the village for ten years now. The owner contacted his MSP about it as far back as 2010, saying it happens every few months, three or four times a year, and should have been fixed a long time ago.

The manhole has since been unblocked by Scottish Water and they have cleaned the surrounding area. However, critics are still demanding a permanent solution to the manhole problem and find a way to stop the cover regularly overflowing. Particularly considering its proximity to Amaretto, with many calling for a full investigation as to why it keeps happening.

Scottish Water maintains many parts of Scotland have experienced flooding in the wake of Storms Ciara and Dennis. However, in the advent of the crisis, the company say they visited the village and performed a thorough cleaning. Clearing away debris and, in the light of sewer flooding coming from a manhole, carried out a full disinfection of the area while extending their apologies to locals.

They consider Main Street, Bridge Of Weir to have a high propensity for development and investment, which could decrease the possibility of sewer flooding. Scottish Water have also carried out survey work and are currently fixing 15 manholes in the area.

Moreover, SEPA has acknowledged receiving complaints about overflowing manhole covers in Bridge Of Weir, while Scottish Water was kept informed. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency understands work has been done to try and rectify the situation. What’s more, following a supplemental inspection, noted debris had been cleared away and could find no trace of pollution in the watercourse. But, despite action being taken, many still feel more needs to be done to address manhole flooding in the village, especially Mr Di Ciacca, proprietor of Amaretto.

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