You wait all year for Christmas to come around so you can put your decorations up. Nothing fills you with the festive spirit like placing the tree by the window or hanging tinsel and streamers on the walls.

However, as much fun as it may be, you know that when the holiday is over, you are going to have to take them all down again. You may have enjoyed the madness and chaos of your Christmas, but how do you get your house back in order? What’s more, how do you clear the decorations away and clean your house again?

Now The Festive Season Is Over Get Ready For The Post Christmas Clean Up

If you want to make everything spic and span after the festive season, your first job may be to strip the Christmas tree and putting it away. For many people, disassembling a tree can be just as troublesome as putting it together.

When putting your ornaments away, they must be carefully stored in a box, to keep them safe. You should wrap them individually, possibly in unused tissue and wrapping paper, left over from opening presents. Some recommend, for additional cushioning, taking the storage box and putting the skirt, or base of your Christmas tree on the bottom and placing the ornaments on top.

Another old tip for preventing Christmas lights from getting tangled is wrapping them in the tube the wrapping paper was rolled in, or you could use an empty toilet roll or paper towel tube. You can twist the wire around the roll and place the plug in the opening on top.

So, you have taken the decorations, lights and tinsel down and packed up the tree. But what are you going to do with your leftover Christmas dinner? You could cook up a storm, and can possibly make sandwiches, or even a curry, out of the turkey you didn’t use up.

If you have all finished preparing lunch, but can’t face cleaning out the oven and hob, then why not use our expert service where we will have your oven sparkling in no time at all.

If you have that Post Christmas clean up dread and want to start the year stress free with a clean home, then put your feet up, relax and let Ultra Sparkle give you the best start to the new year.