One of the most important decisions facing local government, and any council across the country, is how to disperse its budget. It can be a difficult, complicated undertaking and it can feel as if some services may not receive the same resources as others. However, as much as it may be a struggle sometimes, and may be considered a necessary evil, it can also understandably leave the council open to criticism.

North Lanarkshire Council Criticised For Cleaning Services

North Lanarkshire has recently incurred something of a backlash from its residents, with the news its budget spent on street cleaning services has been slashed by around 13%.

This comes as the area has received the unwanted distinction of being considered amongst the worst councils for cleaning services in Scotland.

The audit and scrutiny panel received a report stating, out of 32 councils, North Lanarkshire’s per capita expenditure on street cleaning, dropped from 27th position to 30 in the past nine years.

This comes as the council spent around £19,400 for every 1000 people, where it had previously spent £22,000 per thousand, a decrease of more than 13%. Many are attributing the cause to a drop in the budget, where many local authorities across the country are in the same situation. A decline in street cleaning expenditure can result in a depleted workforce, just as the need for cleaning services increases, especially in the face of growing cases of fly-tipping and dropping litter, alongside similar issues.

North Lanarkshire council brought out a programme to deal with street cleaning late last year, setting out to make a budget saving of almost half a million pounds and provide a better service for customers.

North Lanarkshire also plans on bringing out other programmes, some utilising technological advancement, which could enhance its cleaning service, in the hope of improving its position in the expenditure league table.

However, some have called for the public to take steps to keep their area clean and reduce the need for cleaning services. From recycling to cutting down littering, throwing rubbish in the bin and not fly-tipping altogether. There is no denying cleaning services can often be a strain on the purse strings of the local council, so some say we should all play our part.

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