Lockdown Easing Leads To Boom In Demand For Cleaners

The loosening of lockdown restrictions is allowing cleaners to return to work and is leading to a boom in demand. Lockdown has had a devastating effect on businesses across the UK. We have seen shops, pubs, and restaurants close all over the country. Quarantine restrictions, where we must stay at home and socially distance, has had a knock-on effect on some trades. Those requiring workers to enter your home, from builders and housepainters, to delivery drivers have been particularly effected.

One area of expertise adversely affected by lockdown restrictions has been the cleaning service industry. However, this may be all about to change with the news that certain restrictions have been lifted in England. This allows cleaners to enter people’s homes once more, which some are already seeing as a relief.

Cleaners Are in Demand

Since the UK Government announced the loosening of lockdown restrictions the upturn for cleaners has been phenomenal. We have reportedly seen a rise in searches for professional cleaning services go up by 400%. The UK has also seen an upsurge in demand as thousands of middle-class families get in touch with cleaners they had employed before lockdown. Many have been asked them to go back to work as soon as possible.

The UK government recently published guidelines saying cleaners can re-enter people’s homes for the first time since lockdown began at the end of March. It has been a difficult couple of months, but those working in the cleaning industry can pick up tools again and return to work, while observing certain conditions.

Demand For Cleaning

Government Guidelines for Cleaners

Based on government directions, cleaners obviously can only work in people’s homes if they, and the householders, are not showing symptoms of coronavirus. Cleaners can also be permitted to work for people aged 70 years old or over if they are in good health. However, they may not enter the homes of vulnerable or shielded individuals, unless to provide medical aid or improve health and safety.

Social distancing must be maintained, where cleaners will have to stay two meters away from their customers. Householders will also be asked to keep their windows open to create a steady airflow. They should also keep doors open to negate the use of doorknobs or handles.

Cleaners should take precautions inside houses

If you are a cleaner, working in a customer’s home, you are advised to wipe down any objects, worktops or surfaces you may touch with the cleaning products you work with. What’s more, if you need to cough or sneeze, you should sneeze into your elbow, or cover your mouth with a tissue or your sleeve, to stem the spread of the virus. Or wear a face covering (as has recently been required in shops).

Presently, cleaners in England are not required to wear full PPE in customers’ homes, so as not to infringe on the supply of personal protective equipment needed for NHS workers and care homes. However, cleaners will still use PPE when working in medical or clinical sites like hospitals or other such locations.

You should be aware various cleaning agencies in England require cleaning staff to wear protective items like disposable gloves and shoe coverings when working, to safeguard themselves and their customers from infection.

Return to more normal life

It has been a tough couple of months for the cleaning industry, just like every other trade. However, the news that lockdown restrictions in England have been relaxed, allowing cleaners to work in people’s homes again, is seen as a step in the right direction. We still must be vigilant but this may be the first signs of life returning to normal, with the cleaning service right on the forefront.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk