A term has just entered the English language and become incredibly popular in a short space of time. Do you know what a Cleanfluencer is? If you have been online, picked up a newspaper or lifestyle magazine or watched daytime television, you may have heard the expression. It is the name for an ever-expanding phenomenon, changing the face of how people receive tips and advice on housework, and keeping their home clean.

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This is to say nothing of making household names of so-called cleaning gurus. Instagrammers who post videos on social media, instructing viewers on the right way to tidy up, do the housework and re-organise their homes. Cleanfluencers have grown very influential, hence the expression, and hundreds and thousands, if not millions of people watch, listen to what they say and follow their advice.
They have found a way to make a living, even become famous, from helping people carry out everyday chores. Cleanfluencers have also found a way to make supplementary income from their videos. Many end up securing book deals and advertising various items, from cleaning products and cloths to dusters or hoovers, amongst others. They have also raised the profile through their numerous tv appearances.
The most well-known cleanfluencer is probably Sophie Hinchliffe, AKA Mrs Hinch. The glamorous social media star and part-time hairdresser from Essex has featured on programmes like `This Morning` and has more than 2 million Instagram followers. She can receive almost £6,000 for a post and her influence has become so widespread a major supermarket chain is selling specific cleaning products she has endorsed in her videos. Meanwhile, her name has become so associated with housework, some people call doing the chores Hinching”.
Scotland has its own cleanfluencer, household guru Mario McKnight, with 80,000 followers. We at Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services also have our finger on the pulse on the latest innovations in the cleaning industry.
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Source: Dailyrecord.co.uk