Everybody gets caught up in the glamour of moviemaking, and there can be nothing more exciting than having a production set up on your doorstep. The town of Aviemore, in the Highlands of Scotland experienced this recently when it was used as a location for the latest James Bond film `No Time To Die`.

Hollywood Has A Problem With Waste And CO2 Emissions

However, some say Hollywood in general must do more to reduce waste and carbon emissions. It may seem ironic, considering huge movie stars like Leonardo Dicaprio are speaking out on ecological issues, but many high-profile productions have been criticised for producing large quantities of carbon when making a movie, along with the waste they leave behind.

There is no doubt making a movie is an enormous undertaking, requiring various tradesmen and women, across different departments. Ranging from camerawork, special effects, artwork, costumes and editing, amongst other areas. Employing electricians, labourers, carpenters, builders, designers and of course cameramen and women, to name but a few. It takes a lot of people to make a movie, but many do not realise the effect this can have on the environment.

For instance, it is apparently not uncommon for film sets to be riddled with used plastic water bottles and discarded or unfinished food from catering trucks. If that is not all, entire sets have been built for a production and then thrown away when no longer needed, amongst other forms of waste.

Based on findings from a no more illustrious source than BAFTA, The British Academy Film and Television Award, a single hour of TV can create around 13 metric tons of CO2. Amounting to how much carbon dioxide the average US citizen produces in a year. It has also been estimated the entire American film and television industry creates in the region of 15 million tonnes of CO2, which many consider inexcusable.

Hollywood has taken some steps to try and address the balance. There are organisations such as Earth Angel, a consultancy firm working in the film and tv industry, committed to making productions more environmentally friendly.

But amazingly, despite earning millions of dollars each year, Hollywood is still having problems with waste. It just goes to show you that, whichever field you work in, it is important to have a successful clean-up operation.

If you are employed in an office, factory, shop floor or even a film set, productivity and working conditions can be greatly improved, and your workplace can be more ecological, by having it cleaned to a professional standard.

You don’t have to be a movie star or an action hero to clear away waste and help save the planet. Just call in an expert cleaning service like Ultra Sparkle.

Source: Vice.com