Hot-Desking In The Time Of COVID

Have you ever heard of the term hot-desking? It is an activity which has been more on people’s minds since the beginning of COVID.

Hot-desking is becoming increasingly common in the workplace. A phenomenon where desk space in the office can be used by anyone, and not just a specific employee.

Putting it another way, you alone will not sit at that desk in the corner, but any Tom, Dick, or Harry can use it as well. Tom could work at your desk before break time, Dick after lunch and Harry might sit there in the afternoon. A fleet of employees could share your office space which, as you can imagine, has raised some alarms during coronavirus.

Case in point; a leader in the field of hygiene, cleaning, and infection control has spoken of how risky the practice can be and may seriously impair efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

A company called Inivos, working in conjunction with health authorities has provided specialist hygiene solutions for hospitals and medical premises for over a decade. Designed to maintain cleanliness, prevent infections, and stop viruses from spreading, alongside other important jobs. However, the firm has greatly criticised hot-desking and pointed out how dangerous it could be.

Understandably, the UK government guidelines, to make offices and workplaces safe and COVID secure, do not recommend the practice.

Hot-desking is becoming increasingly common

Just as employees are being encouraged to get back to work, some fear hot-desking may lead to a rise in cases, as well as hindering an employer’s ability to track transmission rates.

There are also concerns it may be hard to carry out a cleaning, or curb infection. if an employee has tested positive in a workplace engaging in hot-desking.

There has been a huge growth in various sectors, including commercial properties and health care sites, demanding deep cleaning and infection control due to the pandemic.

But, now more than ever, we are seeing the importance of industrial cleaning services, and the responsibility on employer and employees alike to try and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.