Now that England is coming out of its second lockdown and adopting a tier system, cleanliness and hygiene has become even more important. This applies to homes, workplaces, and public transport, as a growing number of people are venturing out of their homes and travelling on buses and trains.

The end of the second lockdown has seen one of England’s major rail companies beef up its cleaning regiment. Spending more and hiring a squad of new cleaners, to sanitise its trains and carriages, keeping them safe and clean.

East Midlands Railway Hires More Cleaners As Second Lockdown Ends In England

East Midlands Railway, the Mainline operator in the central part of England, has raised the amount it spends on sanitising its train stations and carriages, as well as hiring almost 600 new workers. Adding up to the most cleaners they have ever employed, for a massive undertaking.

The operator has stated it is adopting heightened safety and cleaning measures over its’ vast network of trains, stations, depots, and staff areas. Taking every step to ensure their premises are properly sanitised, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.

It is said more staff have been brought in to oversee the cleaning, many of whom have been reassigned from other positions. It is estimated the number of cleaning staff has risen by over 30% from before the coronavirus began.

They shall be helping oversee the implementation of numerous steps, to improve hygiene on rail premises and trains. Ranging from constantly supervising cleaning to increasing the rate of touchpoints being cleaned, using high strength disinfectant products. Staff will also utilise a piece of specialist equipment known as a Motorscrubber, to produce micro droplets for in-depth touch point cleaning.

The rail firm is also using a specialist fog machine to create an antiviral disinfectant mist, to sanitise large spaces like the inside of train carriages, alongside other measures.

East Midlands Railway is committed to keeping its staff and customers safe, by bringing in more employees and using the latest equipment, to ensure their trains and stations are clean.

So, now lockdown has ended in England, the operator is determined to letting train commuters feel they can travel in confidence. Thanks to the skills and dedication of their growing cleaning staff.