One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for Christmas is putting up the decorations and trimming the tree. When the holiday starts, you cannot wait to put up the lights and hang the tinsel.

However, as much fun as it was putting them up, what goes up must come down and, when it is all over, you must deal with the aftermath!

Not wishing to sound like a Scrooge or The Grinch, but once the decorations have been taken down, you must do the cleaning up. The question is, how do you put your home back to the way it was when everything returns to normal.

Clean Up Your Home After You Clear Away The Christmas Decorations

For instance, when you disassemble your Christmas tree and put it away, one of the biggest problems is tree sap. Especially if you have a real tree, the sticky sap can get everywhere and can be a pain if it gets on the carpet.

You can leave a bald patch on the rug or carpet if you try to scrape the sap away. Therefore, it is recommended you should harden the sap to start with, using rubbing alcohol, hand sanitiser or ice, and then chip it away, removing any stains from the carpet.

When hanging decorations on the hall, you should avoid using Blu Tack or tape, as they may damage or discolour the walls when peeling them off. Instead, you are advised to utilise pre-existing fittings.

However, if you have used tape or Blue Tack on the walls, you could dab the remnants of sticky tape with a sponge coated with baby oil, let it lay for twenty minutes and then wipe it away, to get rid of any leftover sticky substances from your walls.

There can be nothing more fun at Christmastime than putting up the tree and decorations, without thinking about the mess we may be making in the process.

But it does not have to be a chore to clean up your home once more when the festive season is over. By following a few simple hacks, you can have everything back in order in no time, until next Christmas of course.