There is a clean, there is a deep cleaning from Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services.

Are you on the lookout for a cleaning company in South Lanarkshire which goes that extra mile when cleaning out your home, then we are at the top of the list. When we carry out a deep cleaning on your home, we maintain the utmost standards of quality. Our exceptional team of cleaners are committed to providing the most meticulous service, utilising the skills we employ in a conventional house clean. However, you can be sure, during a deep cleaning, they will work flat out until the house is cleaned to your specifications.

Choose A Deep Clean From Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services

Leaving you with the healthiest, most sanitary and most effervescent residence, following your personal cleaning plan which you can work out with us in advance. We will take special care of particular parts of the house prior to moving ahead with your deep cleaning.

In the course of this in-depth service, we will carry out a vast array of supplementary cleaning jobs, going the extra mile. You can be assured our expert team will take special care of your kitchen. We will clean all surfaces and worktops, along with scrubbing the sink, giving it a thorough polishing and removing any lime scale. We will also clean out both the interior and exterior of your fridge, oven, oven dish and grill, to say nothing of giving the microwave a fresh sheen. Vastly reducing the risk of becoming ill or contracting a bug from unhygienic cooking surfaces.

Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services will not rest until the doors and skirting are spotless and will clean the kitchen tiles and the gaps in between, mostly employing steam cleaning. We will provide an immaculate window cleaning service and wipe down the frames. You can also be certain our exceptional staff will clean and methodically disinfect your toilet seat and the toilet bowl, using cleaning products and polish if need be.

The answer is clear. If you reside in and around Lanarkshire and would like a comprehensive deep cleaning, then call Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services on 07979 227811. We can show you the next generation of house cleaning, where you don’t have to feel as if you are in at the deep end.