It is widely known the UK is a nation of animal lovers and we at Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services include ourselves among that number.
The last few years have seen the ratio of British households owning a pet rise by around one in twenty. There are over 50 million in homes across the country, where almost 50% of the UK population have a pet, covering a wide area.

Pet-Friendly Service
Basically, when it comes to the type of pets people own, and which are the most popular, the findings may surprise you? For instance, many think the country is split evenly between dog and cat lovers, but some have unusual pets, which you would not anticipate being among the most common animal companions in the UK.
For instance, hundreds and thousands of people keep snakes, from royal pythons and garter snakes to milk and corn snakes. Many have domestic chickens and lizards like blue-tongued skinks, leopard geckos and bearded dragons, as well as keeping turtles or tortoises.
There is a lot of love for conventional pets like hamsters, as there are over 20 species, from the Russian dwarf Campbell to the Syrian. Our cute furry friends Guinea pigs are also very popular, and it is not uncommon to keep indoor birds, from budgies to parrots, among other varieties. 2% of the UK population keep rabbits. There are said to be approximately 1.5 million bunnies in the UK, making them the Number Three most kept pets in the country.
However, in the end, as to be expected, the most well-loved pets in the UK, holding the top two spots, are our canine and feline friends. Cats were number two and dogs were number one with a bullet, which for some, settles the age-old argument about which is best. Although the issue is still under debate.
Whichever type of pet you have, when you are getting your house or office cleaned, their wellbeing is always of paramount importance. Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services is committed to helping your pets and making it easier for them when someone comes around to clean the house. You can be assured we also utilise the safest pet-friendly cleaning products if required.
If you are searching for the leading pet-friendly cleaning service in Lanarkshire, call on Ultra Sparkle Cleaning Services. Your pets are in safe hands with us, as we are the animal lovers who love cleaning houses. So why don’t you give us a call? We are always on the lookout for our latest pet project.